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[22 Jul 2005|12:21pm]

Blast It!

HookedOnPhonicsHelpedMeReadTheRules ... I made that up =) [24 May 2005|03:40pm]

[ mood | Giddy as usual. ]

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0001 Spun Outta Control! Blast It!

MOD [23 May 2005|08:00pm]

Hey kids

I've been putting this off for too long. Once I get around to it I'll put my application here, even though I need not apply. Just letting you guys know so I can let you start applying. I've decided the first 5 people who apply are automatically accepted, unless you bug the hell out of me. I've also decided that the first 20 (if you guys promote enough for us to get that many members) I won't be mean to =o). But I'd like for you to make every entry friends only, just to ensure that future applicants won't copy your applications and we won't have to waste our time with these bastards. =oD

I'll do the stamping, and I'm debating on whether or not I want to have a co-mod//partner in crime.

LOVE your MOD.


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KIDS! Some words of advice.
#1! If you screw up on your application in anyway and are in dire need of correcting that error, you can use the blue pencil you find at the top of the comment page to edit it. DO NOT alter what your application says in anyway, we'll be able to tell.
#2! Use correct grammar and spelling. Don't know how, don't bother applying!
#3! Use the correct forms of their, they're and there. THERE is a place, such as 'over there'. THEIR is possesive, such as 'that is their puppy.' THEY'RE is a contraction, holding THEY and ARE together, 'THEY ARE over there/ THEY'RE pretty awesome.'
#4! LJ-CUT is very easy to do. Most of you should already know how to use an cut unless you're fairly new to livejournal: <*lj-cut text="Text here"*> and to end the cut <*/lj-cut>. You should be smart enough to take the astericks out and know the basics of HTML.
#5! Learn HTML, atleast the basics. If you're going into any field of computers in college or pre-job searching, that prior knowledge will help you out.
#6! Use the correct forms of your and you're. YOUR is possesive, as in 'your eyes are beautiful.' YOU'RE is another contraction, holding YOU and ARE together, as in 'YOU ARE sexy/ YOU'RE pretty funny.'
#7! Get a life, livejournal communities aren't everything. :)

you guys
Blast It!

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